*Edit 12/31/2015*

Sabaton has changed names!  We are now Compendium of War! Check out our Facebook page for tons of concept art!

Sabaton Old Facebook (still active)


Compendium of War Facebook (New)



Sabaton: War of the Weeping lands is the new vision of Brigandine from Crucial App Concepts. Here is the introduction!

Named after it’s resemblance to a warrior’s bladed boot, for years Sabaton and it’s peaceful, self obsessed nations had been gently mocked for the irony of it’s title. Now, the pounding of mailed feet drowns out all such mockery, for Sabaton, jewel of the world, is at war.
Consternation spread through the three nations as one by one members of their ruling families began to disappear.
The nations, all self-absorbed by nature, tried to resolve the problems diplomatically, offering help and apologies to each other. However, these messengers never reached their goals, butchered on the way. Each province assumed that this was an act of hostility by the other – a clear admission of guilt for the kidnappings – and the three of them joined in battle.
I don’t know about you but I am excited to see this come to life!

6 thoughts on “Sabaton: War of the Weeping Lands

  1. Hello,

    My Son and I are huge Brigandine fans and excited about Sabaton : War of the Weeping Lands. We were wondering which platforms will this game be made available for? Any chance of it being available on Playstation Network eventually?

  2. Hi John and Son!

    We are making the game via the Unity platform with the sole focus of releasing it on iOS and Android initially. We will, however, be expanding this to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U. That’s the beauty of Unity.

    Xbox and PS should be released about the same time as the interface will be very similar. Once we complete the mobile version, then we can focus on translating the controls to a controller interface.

    We want to bring this vision to all platforms and we will make it happen. Look out for our Kickstarter project in the coming months! Thanks!

  3. Hello
    About releasing in android devices. Any change to release for android 2.3?
    My experia play is android 2.3 and sony never released a android 4.0 for it.
    If you managed to do this and also make the game compatible with xperia play buttons. Would win a huge legion of xperia play owners. If you can do all this. would be nice post a teaser here –> http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?s=809ac1bf3ae29c7f0f36dec7b4cfbab4&f=1094

    Ps: Since sabaton is a mod of brigandine. You could think in make a mod of brigandine for game of thrones!!!


  4. Good day.

    I am a huge fan of BRIGANDINE. I was appalled that the Team didn’t release an English version of the Grand Edition and didn’t want to play the hard coded translation I saw on the Internet. (They say it freezes the game. Waste of my time.) So, upon seeing this site, a fire has been rekindled and I am very excited that your Team is working on this Project. I am looking forward to the release.

    Android user here! Willing to pay for any IAPs or for the whole game itself if it won’t be free. 😉

    Will it be F2P?

    And would there be a possibility that the gameplay would give more opportunities in cross-class -ing the units?

    Keep up the good work guys. And thank you.

  5. Hi JD!

    Sorry for the delay and hope you had a great Holiday!

    So We haven’t quite decided whether Sabaton will be F2P or not. This decision will come later. As you can expect, it’s quite an undertaking to get this game made and quite costly as well. But it will be for iOs and Android as I believe in releasing for both platforms, not just one. We will expand to Windows Phone, Surface, MacOS, Win8.1 App Store, and Eventually Steam in due time.

    As for the Translation, There has been a complete makeover for the Brigandine: Grand Edition Translation by Wiessvulf and the latest can be found here: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1836/

    We have worked together on this and are working on getting the voice acting done as well to make this a complete translation, but again, this is also a volunteer project so it’s not always consistent. It’s going pretty good though!

    Thanks for your support. Keep an eye out soon for more on Sabaton!

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