All of you who are in the Brigandine world most likely know what is/was. At this point, I have good and unknown news.

Good News – I have been able to rescue and acquire the domain.

Unknown news – I am working with the domain transfer agent to try and contact the original owner so I can get the database for the original site. If I can get it, I will continue hosting all the very valuable information that they had…. let’s hope for the best here.

If anyone has any information or contact info about the original owner, or if your reading this lol, please let me know so we can continue to give the fans the abundance of information that was previously gathered.

All I’ve been able to find out is that it was hosted at an Englewood Colorado Datacenter…. Not much else to go on.

I’ve also found this old GameFAQS post where the owner makes a comment. I have PMed him but have not received any word since this was a couple year old post.

Posted 8/23/2013 11:50:08 AM
Hello, Dryst here. There was a billing problem with an expired credit card. The domain expired for, I don’t know, about a week. All fixed now, though. I don’t really go there that often, but keep paying for the hosting and domain for the sake of Bringandine fans. And huge thanks to weissvulf. I haven’t played Brigandine or GE for nearly two years so I haven’t had a chance to check out your translation. But it seems you’re done some awesome work.”

If anyone knows anything about the owner, please let me know and I will continue to see if I can get the original site info back up.


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  1. I used to be a regular there, until life overtook my passion for this game. I checked the site last month and was saddened quite a bit with what had happened. Thankfully someone revived the domain (I was thinking of doing the same, but as with you, had no database for the site and all its valuable info).

    Didn’t Dryst stay in Japan for a while? Maybe he went back there.

    In any case, I’ll try to find more info about what happened if I can. Thanks for this.

    PS: Are you Weisswulf of the old boards? I remember he was the one who coded the partial translation (and hence enabled us to play GE reasonably well).

  2. Hi Caladbolg!

    Please help us with this site. I have been unable to find any information and/or get in contact with the original owner. Any assistance you can would be very helpful to everyone.

    As for who I am, I only helped Weisswulf get the text translated for insertion into the game. He’s been working on that project mostly himself in his free time.

    I am working on a major project to bring new life to Brigandine. Originally called Sabaton: War of the Weeping Lands, the game has been renamed to Compendium of War.

    You can find the old site and new site below. We have begun releasing the concept art of the new version and we are trying to keep it very very close to Brigandine in terms of gameplay and such.

    Old Link:
    New Link with New content:

    We are almost complete with a demo to release to the public and really are working to release the game in the next few months!

    1. I thought Dryst had a job in management somewhere in California. I remember posting about jobs and the economy and he mentioned what it was like managing in that climate.

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