Brigandine Reborn: Unofficial Translation Project

This project is very near and dear to our hearts. Over the years, we have been continuously disappointed in the makers of Brigandine due to the lack of interest in porting this to English. Especially since this is now released on the PSN in Japan, it’s not that difficult to get it done by a major company into English and there are plenty of fans that want it! So… here we are. Ready to take on the monumental (for us at least) task of a full translation into English. Here are some things we plan on doing.

  • Full Menu Translations
  • Full Quest Translations
  • Full Item & Character Translations
  • Transcription of all videos
  • Translation of all videos
  • Dubbing of all videos
  • The Rise of a new Community
  • The Birth of the Sabaton Wars


Full Menu, Quest, Item, and Character Translations

Some of you might be wondering why we are doing this since there are partial translations already out there. Well, That’s all they are, partial. In order to make a game more enjoyable, it’s necessary to play, interact, and understand all of it!

Transcription, Translation, and Dubbing of all Videos

Who doesn’t want to know what they are saying? To me this is a good piece to the new version! We plan on making this come to reality. All players should be able to enjoy the Grand Edition in it’s full form.

We are not just dubbing these videos but we are doing it professionally. That means great voices and if you donate to the cause, we’ll coach and guide your voice right into the game for all to hear!

Brigandine - Legend of Forsena [U] [SLUS-00687]-front


It takes a certain kind of gamer to be a true fan of Brigandine. All over the internet you can find bits and pieces of the community. People are constantly asking about the game and if there is anything like it. We envision this website to be the focus of the new community. We encourage link sharing, we encourage the vitalization of existing communities, and we want everyone to see what this game is all about.

Sabaton logo 5 misc

Sabaton: War of the Weeping Lands

This project is an ambitious one. We are taking the lead on creating a new version of Brigandine. Unfortunately due to copyright we cannot simply name it Brigandine 2, as much as we would love to, but we figured Sabaton was an appropriate name. True fans will understand the correlation.

This game is to be very similar and incorporate some new features as well as some old ones. We make it in the image of a classic game of history that the fans can appreciate! There have been a lot of attempts from the fans to make a new version but this will be the first to completion. We also welcome any groups of fans that are looking to do the same and offer our assistance. There should be more games out there like Brigandine.

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