Compendium of War Kickstarter

Compendium needs your help! We are thinking of doing a Kickstarter in order to get the game to 100% and beyond but we need to know if the community really wants this out. Let us know below if this is something you guys are really wanting completed and released on iOS, Android, Steam, and Facebook! […] Original Website Pic 01

Soooooo All of you who are in the Brigandine world most likely know what is/was. At this point, I have good and unknown news. Good News – I have been able to rescue and acquire the domain. Unknown news – I am working with the domain transfer agent to try and contact […]


Brigandine: Grand Edition Translation Download

*Edit 12/31/2015* You can find all current forum conversation about the progress (including latest patches) here:   Hey guys! So Weissvulf has been working non stop on getting this Brigandine: Grand Edition Translation completed! He’s done an excellent job! We are currently working also to complete some voice acting for dubbing the videos! If […]

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Sabaton: War of the Weeping Lands

*Edit 12/31/2015* Sabaton has changed names!  We are now Compendium of War! Check out our Facebook page for tons of concept art! Sabaton Old Facebook (still active) Compendium of War Facebook (New)   Sabaton: War of the Weeping lands is the new vision of Brigandine from Crucial App Concepts. Here is the introduction! […] art Vaynard-THE-WHITE-WOLF-267173617

Fan Images!

Send in your images to me and I’ll spotlight them and upload them to the site! We love to see artwork. Crucial App Concepts is all about beautiful art and gaming! Send whatever you have in and if you don’t have anything, make something! Don’t claim others, but make your own! You can see just some […]